The exterior body has a luxurious look and feel, yet it's small and discreet enough to tuck inside your pocket or grip with your hand. Compatible with all Pax 2 & 3: Designed to fit for Pax 2 & 3. The new magnetic USB charging dock makes charging the Pax 2 even easier. The Charger is as beautifully crafted as the PAX* vaporizer itself. Pax 2 vaporizer an unfotten beast mini charger pax 2 portable vaporizer pax 2 3 mini charger 180 smoke canada charging charger dock base pax 2 baking dry herb vaporizer by. (Not Compatible with Pax 1). When you place the Pax 2 on the dock, the built-in magnets line up the connectors with the charging contacts on the back of the vaporizer. Two prongs in the bed of the cradle connect magnetically to the charging nodules on the back of PAX 2. What's Inside the Box: Authentic Pax Labs Mini Charger; Features: Tightly wrap velcro strap around vaporizer and dock. Pax 3 Long Term Review Updated 2020 After Two Years Of Use. Includes auto charging cord and weighted dock. Includes one 8-inch black velcro strap (pre-installed) To use: Install charger into slot with Micro-USB facing upwards; Slide Pax2 into dock with mouthpiece facing up. All PAX devices arrive with the charging cables in the box. We can match the sale price of any authorized dealer so you can purchase with confidence. USB Charging Doc for Pax2 / Pax3-USB Charging Doc for Pax2 / Pax3 *Some Restrictions Apply (Click to view) Hello Guest | Login or Create an Account. Replacement Charger Dock + USB Cable For PAX 3 PAX 2 Accessories £8.49 £ 8. Customer Reviews; I don’t have a Pax but I thought I might as well give some advice here since I’ve worked with a lot of different electronic devices including vaporizers. The PAX 2 is an outstanding example of brilliant product design. Not feeling compact enough? The charging dock features a detachable USB cable and charging dock on which the PAX 2 rests. This is a replacement Charging Dock for the PAX 2 or 3 portable vaporizer. With a one-button operation and minimal maintenance required, PAX 2's interface is simple and efficient. PAX Labs saved space in the Pax 2 by putting the charging “brains” in the dock itself. The PAX Mini Charging Dock is a smaller version of the PAX Charging Dock that allows you to recharge your PAX vaporizer without compromising the safety and the longevity of your vaporizer and of your charger. Pax Charger Dock Not Working About Photos Mtgimage. Pax 3 Vaporizer Review It S A Love Relationship With This. PAX 2/ PAX 3 OVEN LID. The same charging dock idea, remixed for the new Pax3 mini-charger! In Stock . In the box, the owner will find the Pax 2, a magnetic charging dock, two different mouthpieces, and a few cleaning supplies that’ll last for the first several cleanings. An AC adaptor and a portable USB-powered mini dock are available for purchase on the PAX … You need to be a registered customer to order this product. No need to aim. Visit Slick Vapes to find the best discount and deals. ... PAX Two Charging Dock. Original Charging Dock for the Ploom Pax 2 and Pax 3. 2.Verify your age. PAX 2/3 Raised Mouthpiece (2 pk) Out of Stock . The PAX 2 recharges in approximately 2 to 3 hours, while PAX 3 takes around 90 minutes and PAX Era will return to full battery in around 45 minutes. In terms of charging, the PAX 2 utilizes a magnetic USB dock, which easily attaches to the outside of the PAX 2. Please Login to your account or click here to Register. Input: 100-240V 50-60 Hz Output: DC 9V 1.3A You can even stand the Pax 2 up while its charging and the magnets will keep the dock in place. This is a replacement Charging Dock for the PAX 2 or 3 portable vaporizer. You can hook up the charger to you car adapter, computer USB, wall outlet using an adapter, remote charging bank, and more. If all four of PAX 2's LED petals are pulsing when you place the device on the charging dock, this just means the battery is under 25%. PAX Two Charging Dock | Questions about this item? My PAX LED blinks on the charging dock. This dry herb portable vaporizer features a powerful battery, a convenient charging device, four unique temperature settings, and provides top-tier vapor performance. All price matches will be … Each petal on the PAX 2 LED Indicator stands for 25% battery charge..If your PAX 2 seems to be having trouble charging completely, it may be due to the power source. Free Shipping, Free Returns. I confirm that I am of legal age to view this site's content. Restore charging: Used to replace your charger when you lose it. No sabemos si este producto volverá a estar disponible, ni cuándo. - Official PAX Accessory - PAX USB Charging Dock (Made for Pax 2 & Pax 3) then you just need a 12v charger (wall socket) for it. I confirm that I am of legal age to view this site's content. PAX 2 and PAX 3 recharge via USB; the device lays atop a cradle with a magnetic dock. 2. Pax Multi-Tool Keychain. This is a replacement Charging Dock for the PAX 2 or 3 portable vaporizer. Perfect for travel and on-the-go vapers. To charge your PAX device, lay the portable vaporizer onto the magnetic charging dock, where it will be held securely in place. This small dock was designed to securely hold your Pax2 Vaporizer and charger while charging (charger not included). Pax Vaporizer Charging Dock About Photos Mtgimage. The Pax 2/3 Charging Dock runs on USB power and attaches magnetically to your Pax 2/3. Try holding down the power button for a minute while its plugged in. 0 Item / $0 . isn't the weighted dock what you're looking for? Before vaping, the user will need to charge the device. Pax was almost dead, battery at 20%.After a hour i relized it charged half way and was a little warm. PAX complete charging kit with one charging cradle and USB cord. This is only the charging dock; Great for if you need a second charging dock or just a replacement. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the sleek, sexy appeal of the PAX 2 vaporizer. The charger is proprietary to the device but connects to an outlet via USB meaning you can charge almost anywhere. Everything about the unit, the packaging, and the included supplies screams premium! Pax Charging Dock £ 19.99. Price Match*: Want to buy PAX 3 / PAX 2 - Charging Dock (OEM - PAX Labs) for sale online at the cheapest price? Simply connect the USB cord to your computer or wall adapter and lie the Pax 2 down on the dock. No disponible por el momento. Your Pax 2 is fully charged when all 4 petals on the LED interface are lit. Plug this into a 12V car socket. Aesthetically, the Pax 2 hasn't changed much. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x Charging Dock 1 x Micro USB Cable Think of the LED on PAX as its health meter. Pax 2 Charger Dock About Photos Mtgimage. Add to Wish List. Part Number: 25488. Out of Stock . This small dock was designed to securely hold your Pax3 Vaporizer and mini-charger (mini-charger not included).Perfect to safely stow the Pax3 (or Pax2) in your bag with a USB battery bank and charge on the go! Every Unit is unique. All you have to do is pop the PAX 3 on the cradle once it’s plugged in and the PAX 3 will start charging. 100% nuevo: base de carga de alta calidad. For use with the Ploom Pax 2 and Pax 3 Dock … A portable USB enabled dock to charge PAX on-the-go. 5.0 de 5 estrellas 2 calificaciones. More Kits for Your pax 2 & pax 3: Cleaning the pax 2 & pax 3 is a troublesome thing, so we give you 10 * cleaning brushes, 5 * cleaning cloth and 1 * 3 in 1 tool. In Stock . If all four of PAX 2's LED petals are pulsing when you place the device on the charging dock, this just means the battery is under 25%. 49 Currently unavailable. Pax 2 Charging DockComplete charging kit for PAX 2What's in the BoxCharging CradleUSB Cord Let’s introduce the VAPO DOCK – a beautiful Charger for the PAX Vaporizer. PAX Two Charging Dock . Pax 2 3 Mini Charger 180 Smoke Canada. Pax 2 3 Charging Charger Dock Base Cradle Station Usb. The Original PAX Vaporizer by Ploom ( now Pax Labs) has been out of production for almost 2 years now. PAX 2 Charging Dock. How I place the charger and connect the cord to the charger in the Pax Charging Dock. The PAX 3 wireless charging platform (or dock) connects to the mains via a MicroUSB cable. If your PAX LED is blinking green when placed on the charging dock, it may be an indication that some moisture is trapped in the internal components of your PAX. Use caution as you do not want to damage the cord of the charger. PAX 2 also features a magnetic USB charging dock, a redesigned non-popup top, and a more efficient battery that heats up the PAX 2 in less than a minute. USB Cable L: 22.44 In/ 57cm. Pax 2 warm while charging So i placed my pax 2 on the charging dock this morning. Availability: In Stock. Email a friend. PAX Era comes with a micro USB to USB cable. Be the first to ask here. 2. Each petal on the PAX 2 LED Indicator stands for 25% battery charge..If your PAX 2 seems to be having trouble charging completely, it may be due to the power source. Getting Started with the Pax 2. The 2600mAh battery itself offers 30% more usage from the PAX and can provide 90 minutes of power. 2.Verify your age. Looking for some vaportainment? We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. PAX Mini Charging Dock. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the PAX 3 cradle in a convenient place, so … Pax need some juice while you're on the go? Pax 2 Pax 3 Charging Charger Dock/Charger Base Cradle Station USB Cable for Pax 2/3 por LELANCE. Your PAX 2 or PAX 3* will be fixed with magnets inside the solid wood block and fits perfect. These docks are in limited supply and will work with any 120V chords you have . Pax Mini Charger Grcity. PAX 2/3 HALF PACK OVEN LID. Pax 3 Mini Charger Accessory (Authentic PAX CHARGER) A portable USB dock to make charging your PAX 2 or 3 easy. Replacement PAX 1 vaporizer charging kit for the original unit, in case you've misplaced yours or need one for work and one for home.