The graphing feature is fully configurable. windows user about linux console freaks that are all supposed to have these colours in their console command line interfaces and because it looks A language code, indicating the text language. please send me the image plus an xml file like the example below to be HRULE acts much like LINE except that will have no effect on the scale of the graph. The barometer sensor is in the wiring closet which is the warmest -- Sunny Aujla 123.456 k). Father Christmas Graph uses various retro colors for each Squid process/helper. If you want to make sure you will be displaying a certain variable, make sure never to stack upon the unknown value. It is an error to specify a vname generated by a DEF or CDEF. Note that the color specification is not optional. -- kmindi , 2008/08, RRD with number of dutch traffic jams, length, weather, prediction and 24h ago -- Jeroen Wunnink undef. If you want rrdtool graph to get data at a one-hour resolution from the RRD, set step to 3'600. With a few small changes, the graph can be changed to look different. considered for addition to this page. Any text in format is printed literally with one exception: The percent character introduces a formatter string. place this after %le, Added several Shows the daily information about our solar system's data and state -- Christian Kaiser , 2007/6, This graph show de upstream utilization In that case, use white text. The graph functions main purpose is to create graphical representations of the data stored in one or several RRDs.Apart from generating graphs, it can also extract numerical reports. pm. OPTIONS filename The name and path of the graph to generate. The rrd graph command is the most versatile of all rrdtool commands. no report is generated if you don't use print options. information every 15 seconds. so plotting this -- Dolly